How many times a week to have sex and why a man should go to the bath.
Urologist's answers to "uncomfortable" questions
The first place among the uncomfortable questions for the urologist is occupied by questions related to potency. Is that so?
The pool of men who come to the initial consultation is quite shy in expressing their complaints. If we have a conversation, find out the reason, purposefully asking questions, we dig in. If a man came for a short, 12-15 minute consultation in a regular clinic, for an outpatient appointment, this is in principle impossible.
Does this disease also affect younger men? as colds?
If earlier we seriously considered complaints of this type in men over 40-45 years old, now this problem is getting younger.
At what age can these problems be attributed to the natural aging process?
A man is fertile until the end of his days and retains his health and libido — this is one of the important tasks along with the preservation of the physiological functions of a man. Therefore, there is no age barrier before and after, so when complaints arise, it is necessary to quickly consult a doctor, because the problem can be not only physiological in nature, but also psychoemotional.
Are there any recommendations for intimate life?
For each person, this is a matter of individuality, there are no such criteria. There is, for example, a set rhythm of sexual intercourse at the time when a person plans to conceive, so that the concentration of sperm is the most optimal, such terms exist — it is about once every three days, that is, twice a week.
And for your health?
And for health - it is daily after all.
There are two such myths – this is that you can not tolerate and "do not sit on the cold". Fair enough?
Fair enough, there is no need to endure and suppress the urge. But if there is a problem of frequent urination, which interferes with life, high-quality performance of professional duties, then here preventive or earlier urination, as they say," on the track " is harmful. The bladder must maintain its capacity, must exercise.
Is it true that adenoma is a problem that will sooner or later affect every man?
Such a problem is likely to inevitably come at the age of 50 and older. But not every adenoma needs to be treated, much less operated on. According to American and European authors, operations are carried out in 5-7% of cases, while in our country, on the contrary, the percentage of operations is high due to late turnover.
Can an adenoma turn into an oncological disease?
Yes, the enlargement of the prostate gland is an adenoma, it can be combined with prostatitis, that is, prostatitis can be in the adenoma, in addition to everything else, there can also be cancer. These are different areas of the prostate gland in which a particular disease is formed.
And the transition from a safe stage to a dangerous one-can a person feel it?
There are no symptoms.
So the only way to understand it is to go to an appointment regularly?
Once a year for those over fifty. For young people at least once every 2-3 years or if there are symptoms.
Returning to surgical treatment, this is often associated with the need to go to the hospital. Again, men do not like the hospital very much.
I agree, men do not like hospitals very much, being shy to open their problem to one person, if they come to the clinic for a prim, let's say they are sent for an ultrasound, and there all this is repeated. And he's already thinking, " Oh my God, the whole city already knows about my problem." We need to motivate him and talk to him as a patient-friend.
What is a replacement technology hospital?
Our day hospital involves not only conservative treatment, but the focus is on minimally invasive technology, which is carried out through natural openings, such as diagnostic biopsies with a suspected cancer factor, X-ray examinations, multi-spiral computed tomography, intravenous urography. That is, such research methods, when a person was previously hospitalized in a hospital for at least four days. Now a person does not spend a day in a hospital, he comes and receives a service.
Why does size matter so much to men?
Yes, and such people come. You ask questions: who is not satisfied with whom, and at this point, you probably need to work multidisciplinary with another specialist, for example, a psychologist. In general, perhaps, you can recommend a person to just go to the bath.